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Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded in 2013. The Architecture Program trains high qualified architects who are creative and adaptive to practice as design consultant, construction as well as participating in scientific research. The training programs according to international standards towards the world's Top 100 programming with modern and flexible content which focuses on architectural design, interior design and building development capability thus graduates can meet real demand of society. Students have opportunities to attend series of lectures, seminars and workshops to develop their talent, strength and knowledge. Design studios and Labs are taken good care by our staff, combining with modern teaching methods to encourage students’ own ideas and thinking. Furthermore, soft skills is one of the requirement that students have to master to follow TDT’s Architecture program. Moreover, the students have internship opportunities in practical architecture firms.

Department of Architecture currently has 8 permanent lecturers (2 Doctors, 6 Masters), including 2 foreign lecturers, 2 international adjunction professors and over 30 part-time international and local professors, and lecturers.

§  Program: Architecture

§  Degree: Bachelor of Architecture

§  Program code: 7580101

§  Duration:         4 years