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Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded in 2013. Currently, the Faculty has 8 faculty members (including 3 PhDs, 5 Masters) who teach about 560 students from year 1 to Year 4. In addition, we have more than 30 professors, lecturers prestigious domestic and international guest participation.

The curriculum focuses on training architects who have high level of knowledge and creativity and are capable of adjusting to the social demands for practicing design and construction consultancy. The program is built in accordance with international standards, the top 100 universities in the world. The content of the program from basic to advanced are modern, scientific, flexible, etc and focus on the design of architecture and interior design of the buildings.

The design workshops are combined with modern teaching methods, constantly innovating to encourage and promote creativity, implementation of soft skills in graphic design. Students have the opportunity to attend international conferences, group work sessions with international students, etc to develop their capacity, accumulate practical experience and access to the hiring environment. Architects have the opportunity to practice in the domestic architecture companies, organizations, companies, architectural design - large construction professional. Especially the foreign architecture companies in Vietnam.

  • Program: Architecture
  • Degree: Bachelor of Architecture
  • Program code: 7580101
  • Duration:         4 years
  • Slogan: Enlighten the instinct to create a place.



  • Fine Art, Architecture, Urban Planning
  • Classrooms, design studio, etc with modern facilities.
  • Professional environment for students’s creativity.


  • Based on National University of Singapore’s curriculum
  • Fit in the Vietnamese context.
  • Focus on both the aesthetics and feasibility of a building.


  • Join lectures, seminars, workshops etc with international students
  • Have practical opportunities in architecture firms
  • Gain more experience and test knowledge
  • Understand more what learners had learned.


  • Set cooperation with some universities around the world (National University of Singapore, Hasselt University-Belgium, Trieste University- Italy, HTWK Leipzig – Germany, etc.).
  • Create a momentum for the teaching and learning.


  • Design studios, laboratories, etc in a modern and dynamic study environment
  • Combines with regularly renewed teaching methods
  • Respond to contemporary issues, encouraging students to develop
  • Complete the soft skills of the TDT architecture program.