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Continuing Education

Language: English
Course Duration: 1 – 4 weeks
Course Descriptive: Each short course/ studio is a unique and comprehensive course which is designed for requirement. The course covers all from theory to practical in Vietnam with lots of activities mentioned below
Sustainable construction: Challenge and Development, Industrialized building process – IBP
Urban development: Smart city; integrated urban planning; eco-city in developing countries; informalities, urban simulation
Urban planning studio: National and international studio such as Old villa; Living with water; Integrated urban
Design Studio:  Make the village alive; How can we protect the land from water?
Other: topics desire as individual requestment or selecting in bachelor/ Master/ Phd course list
Course Duration: 1 - 4 weeks
Activities: Change by requested, some suggestions as
Course work
Company tours
Local authority Departments
City tour
Fee apply by each situation
Contact: Dr. Trinh Tu Anh
Phone: +84(0)909758919
Short Course in Arts, Design & Architecture
The Ho Chi Minh Architecture Sketchbook
This course combines the observation of the historic and contemporary context of the locations, with the development of the creative process and refining technique and style. The Ho Chi Minh Architecture Sketchbook is combined Architectural Sketching, Fine Arts Sketching, Video and Photography and Model Making. The course is articulated in 2 modules:
The first part, the architectural sketching course, going from the rough to the definition drawings of architectural sketch, with particular focus on the specifics of the architectural and interior design sector.
The second part, the students can choose between 3 specializations: Fine Arts Sketching, Video Production&Photography and Model Making.
The course is aimed at people who are interested in the world of art and design and have no prior knowledge or experience in the discipline. Skills such as drawing or sketching can be useful even if not mandatory. Applicants need to show strong motivation and the ability to work in groups.
Programme Structure
The course is articulated in 2 modules: During the first part, Architectural Sketching, students, under the guidance of skilled teachers, will explore the HoChiMinh city, drawing, photographing, interpreting everything that is proposed and presented to them; Fieldtrip or Study visit in some attractive points of City will be organized.
During the second part, Representation Techniques, students are required to choose between the following three specializations: Fine Arts, Model Making, and Video Production and Photography.The course continues with an in-depth study of the chosen subject, under the guidance of specialized professors.
Students have the possibility to complete the personal sketchbooks for the final project using different representation techniques such as video, photography or modeling. At the end of the course, each student will present his final work.
Detailed Programme Facts
Total credits: 3
Duration of course: 2 weeks
Starting in the 1st week of July every year
Apply until: 15th April
Languages: English
Place: On main TDTU campus.