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Bachelor of Architecture

  • Program code: 7580101
  • Duration:  4 years (8 semesters)
  • Commencing: 1st Semester 1: August
  •                          2nd Semester: January
  • Total credits:  138 credits
  • Degree:  Architect (Kiến trúc sư)


The Architecture program trains high qualified architects who are creative and adaptive to practice as design consultant, construction as well as scientific researcher. The training programs ties in international standards towards the world's top 100 programming with creative and flexible content which focuses on architectural design, interior design and building development capability, thus graduates can meet real demand of society. Graduates have general knowledge of law, national security, and physical education; Bachelor degree in Architecture is Graduation is one of two important conditions for graduates to obtain a practicing certificate of Engineer Architect in Vietnam. Graduates must have a minimum of 5 years practical experience in a design consulting unit firm designed to be able in order to sign up to become engineers’ an official practice architect. Development orientation of TDTU’s Architecture major in the Top 5 best Architecture training institutions in Vietnam.


- TDTU wants every student to have the opportunity to spend at least one semester abroad before graduation. Thereby, TDTU’s students form the mind of global citizens, have extensive knowledge, enriching their living experience and adapt easily to all cultures, and they can work everywhere in the world upon graduation.
- Students graduating from the Architecture program is expected to have good professional basics so as to the ability to adapt well in any practical companies, hopefully, will contribute well to Vietnam society;

 Why study?

- BUILDING OF CREATIVITY consists of 11 levels including studying Fine Art, Architecture, Urban Planning with modern facilities from the classrooms to the design studios, etc. Our students have a lot of opportunities to enhance their creativity in a professional environment.
- INTERNATIONAL STANDARD: The curriculum of the Architecture program is based on National University of Singapore’s curriculum and been adjusted carefully to fit in the Vietnamese context. This curriculum focus on both the aesthetics and feasibility of a building.
- INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Students have opportunities to attend a series of lectures, seminars, and workshops to develop their talent, strength, and knowledge. Moreover, they have internship opportunities in practical architecture firms. From that, they can gain more experience and test their knowledge in the professional environment and understand more what they had learned.
- “SEMESTER ABROAD” PROGRAM: The Department of Architecture has set cooperation with some universities around the world and will continue to expand in the near future (National University of Singapore, Hasselt University-Belgium, Trieste University- Italy, HTWK Leipzig – Germany, etc.). This helps to create a momentum for the teaching and learning of faculty staff and students of the university.
- MODERN TEACHING METHODS: Design studios and laboratories are installed in a modern and dynamic study environment for students. It combines with regularly renewed teaching methods to respond to contemporary issues, encouraging students to develop their own creativity. In addition, the soft skills are one of the requirements that students must master to follow the TDT architecture program.

Entry requirements:

The applicants must have the Entry examinations including Mathematics, Physics, and Hand Drawing to ensure they have the ability in art, science and logic thinking.

 Program structure:

1.General education:36 (credits)

Political theory:10

Science – Social sciences:02

Natural sciences

Foreign language (English):15

Support skills:05


2.Professional education: 102  (credits)

Basic knowledge:8

Professional knowledge:82

Internship and Thesis:12

Total:138 (credits)


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