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Check the program generator according to AUN - QA . standards - Architecture Department , Faculty of Civil Engineering

The architecture training program was established in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ton Duc Thang University in 2013. Since then it has gained significant achievements and has continued to accompany the development of the university. From the beginning, the training program was designed to emphasize practical skills and to provide highly-skilled human resources for architectural design units in particular, and provincial architectural planning departments of Vietnam in general.

The architecture training program is designed on the basis of comparison with the training program of the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) and the domestic universities , then adjusted according to the research orientation of TDTU and the opinions of the stakeholders . The architecture training program is updated every 2 years to improve the curriculum structure and ensure course content is compatible with similar training programs of leading universities around the world. Currently, we have updated the entire curriculum to match the TOP 100 world-ranked university programs. In 2019, the Faculty of Civil Engineering made a significant adjustment to the undergraduate degree programs in architecture to better meet the requirements of AUN-QA criteria .

     The self-assessment report (SAR) of architecture program at Ton Duc Thang University is one of the first efforts to turn this training program into a certified program in accordance with quality assurance standards of (AUN-QA).