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Two research groups belong to the FCE:
Sustainable Developments in Civil Engineering Research Group (SDCE)
Applied Computational Civil and Structural Engineering Research Group (ACCSE)
One research laboratory belongs to the FCE:
Laboratory for Construction Materials Testing and Inspection
The effective integration of research and teaching has enabled us to adjust our curriculum and teaching methods at which they are yearly updated and improved in quality. Our curriculums and scientific activities are very close to the realities of civil engineering, road construction, urban planning and architecture in our home country and abroad.
Current training programs at our faculty are being integrated from the top 100 universities in the world. Owing to the synchronous renovation of the training process, training programs and recruitment approaches which helped faculty members have favorable circumstances to work and exchange their knowledge with leading scientists from developed countries.
The impact of globalization within the faculty is improved comprehensively in research and training activities, i.e. organizing international conferences, doing/publishing scientific results together, exchanging students with short/long courses; these things are being developed actively. This condition at the faculty is an ideal environment for students to study and work with international students from other developed countries around the world, i.e. Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, France, UK, …