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International publications:

The scientific results carried out in recent years at the faculty are very impressive with more than 100 ISI/Scopus articles/proceedings. Many research works were published in top-quality journals, with high impact factor (IF), i.e. ‘Analysis of unaxial ratcheting behavior and cyclic mean stress relaxation of a duplex stainless steel’, published in the International Journal of Plasticity, IF = 6.358.

The faculty has successfully organized two international conferences on 'Sustainable Development in Civil, Urban and Transportation Engineering'. These conferences attracted the participation of many outstanding scientists from various countries. The proceedings of those conferences have been published on the prestigious publishing systems: Elsevier (Netherlands), IoP (UK), IEEE (USA), Springer (Germany).

Technological research activities:

Since 2012, many research projects were realized at the FCE, i.e. 2 national and 4 international research projects, and 3 research projects which are benefited to social community.

Other scientific activities:

Our faculty lecturers/researchers are invited to take part in scientific services as reviewers for some leading international journals, i.e. Engineering Structures, International Journal of Fatigue, and Journal of Composites for Construction. Our faculty members are also invited to join the PhD thesis assessment committee for PhD students at top-300 universities in the world.

Our students and staffs were also awarded prizes for outstanding/distinguished contributions in research. Among these prizes, winners from the FCE are the first students from the Southern universities of Vietnam who awarded the ‘Loa Thanh’ prize of the best undergraduate dissertation in architecture/civil engineering, offered by Associations of Vietnamese Architects & Construction, Ministry of Construction, and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

Highlights of Science and Technology at the FCE:

The FCE has more than 100 publications/peer-reviewed articles, including61 ISI papers (from June 2012 to May 2018).

3research projects from the Foundation for Science and Technology Development (FOSTECT), Ton Duc Thang University.

3 research projects from Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology.

2 research projects from the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED).

1 research project co-operated with a Chung-Ang university professor, Korea.

1 research project from Belgium Alumni Fellowship - Capacity Development Fund, Belgium.

Organized 2 international conferences (CUTE2016&18): The conference proceedings were published in prestigious publishers, i.e. Elsevier (Netherlands), IoP (UK), IEEE (USA), Springer (Germany), indexed in the ISI and Scopus databases of Thomson Reuters and Elsevier, respectively.

List of International publications: