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Scientific research activities of the Faculty of Civil Engineering have achieved impressive results in recent years:

Regarding international publication, the Faculty of Civil Engineering has published more than 300 ISI/Scopus papers in prestigious and quality scientific journals. Many research works have been published in journals with high impact factor (IF), for example, the article: "Development of sustainable ultra-high-performance concrete containing ground granulated blast furnace slag and glass powder: Mix design investigation", published in the journal Construction and Building Materials (IF = 7.4). In addition, the lecturers of the Faculty of Civil Engineering regularly participate in international conferences under the ISI/Scopus database and contribute more than 50 publications in various forms such as conference papers, oral presentations or posters.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering has successfully organized 03 international conferences on 'Sustainable development in civil, urban and transportation engineering' (CUTE) in 2018, 2020 and 2022, attracting the attention and participation of many outstanding scientists around the world. Proceedings of these conferences have been published on reputable publisher systems such as Elsevier (Netherlands), IoP (UK), IEEE (USA), and Springer (Germany).

Regarding research projects, the Faculty of Civil Engineering has carried out 07 research projects and international cooperation with foreign professors, 06 national research projects (Nafosted) and 08 provincial/city research projects. The topics are aimed at meeting the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

In addition, lecturers of the Faculty of Civil Engineering are invited to take part in scientific services as reviewers for some leading international journals, i.e. Engineering Structures, International Journal of Fatigue, and Journal of Composites for Construction. Our faculty members are also invited to join the PhD thesis assessment committee for PhD students at the top-300 universities in the world.

Last but not least, students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering have also won many awards in scientific research at the city level such as ‘Euréka’, which is a noble award for students' creative and scientific research projects across the country. Moreover, students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering also have actively participated and won high awards for students with excellent graduation projects from the Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association (VUPDA) and the ‘Loa Thanh’ Award jointly organized by the Vietnam Construction Association, the Vietnam Association of Architects, the Ministry of Construction and the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.