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Bachelor of urban and regional planning at Ton Duc Thang University, awarding of the FIBAA quality seal for accredited programme

Urban Planning Department was founded in 2005 under the umbrella of Faculty of Civil Engineering, TDTU. The bachelor of urban and regional planning programme (BURP) focuses on training urban planning and management engineers. The BURP provides a modern and flexible curriculum that focuses on training and education on integrated planning, urban management, and urban design, which meets the real needs of communities, companies, and governments in the long term. Graduates are urban planning engineers with fully integrated planning thinking and capabilities. From 2015 to present, BURP has changed the training program with the trend of internationalization that is based on the urban planning program of TOP100 universities (QS Ranking). After almost 6 years of reforming the new program, TDTU’s urban and regional planning received the FIBBA Quality Seal for Accredited programme on 26th November 2021. The duration of the accreditation period is from November 26th, 2021, to November 25th, 2026. Its purpose is to improve the academic quality and public accountability of BURP. FIBAA is a European, internationally oriented agency for quality assurance and quality development in higher education.

Highlights of Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning are:

The programme provides a comprehensive theoretical system from the use and extension of information technology, urban planning and management, land-use planning, urban design, transport and infrastructure planning, heritage and conservation, resource management, environmental monitoring, planning law and practice, local economic development, and policy making and implementation. They are always up-to-date with global trends but adapted to Vietnamese conditions.
The difference is that it emphasizes the application of integrated planning theory and the development of design skills through studios. The studio work and topics vary in complexity from simple, small-scale projects to comprehensive development schemes, often in "real-life" situations in conjunction with local authorities and community organizations and international trends.
The strength of regional and urban planning is the tight international collaboration through exchanging students, studios, seminars, and workshops with foreign students, professors, and experts to cover multi-dimensional topics. This strength has been appreciated with the high rates of FIBBA Accreditation.
Specifically, BURP focuses not only on studying theoretical knowledge, but also on participating in practical projects and research activities to solve urban problems through integrated planning. In the future, global citizens and employees will be expected to improve urban planning in Vietnam. The urban and regional planning graduate engineers at TDTU are proud to be a part of them.

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning Programme can be found via: here