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Program of Urban and Regional Planning Engineering

Program code: 7580105
Duration: 4 years
Commencing: 1st semester (Aug)
                        2st semester (Jan)
Total credits: 137
Urban and regional planning educates according international standard which aims to rank the top 100 universities in the world. With a modern, flexible curriculum, focused training on integrated planning, urban management and urban design meets the real needs of communities, companies and governments in the long term. Graduates are urban planning engineers with integrated planning thinking and capabilities.
Careers and employability
Following the statistic, 100% of urban and regional undergraduated student has a job in the 1st year of graduation.
Undergraduated students of Urban and regional planning field have a chance to work as institute, research center, private Company, stated-owned Company, consulting firm in different fields as Urban and regional planning, urban design, landscape design, architecture design, urban and urban development, transportation and infrastructure, real-estate development.
Lots of students get the chance to study further abroad with the scholarships.
Why study?
Urban and regional planning provides a comprehensive theoretical system from use and extension of information technology, urban planning and management, land-use planning, urban design, transport and infrastructure planning, heritage and conservation, resource management, environmental monitoring, planning law and practice, local economic development, and policy making and implementation. They are always up-to-date toward global but adapted to Vietnamese conditions.
The difference is emphasized the application of integrated planning theory and the development of design skills through studios. The studio work and topic vary in complexity from simple, small-scale projects to comprehensive development schemes, often in "real-life" situations in conjunction with local authorities and community organizations and international trend.
The strength of the regional and urban planning is the tight international collaboration through exchanging students, studios, seminars, workshops with foreign students, professors and experts to cover multi-dimensional, update the new trends, identify the strengths / weaknesses to develop their own.
In addition, regional and urban planning encourages students to engage in scientific research to create a premise for science fondness and studying higher education after graduation


                                                                                   Planning by passion, planning for life

Characteristics of student

Students are strongly recognised by active and positive characteristics, useful playgrounds related to entertainment and learning due to student self-management. Let join the official fan page of Planning Department to become a global citizen


Entry requirements
For international candidates please refer to the link for more information: or

Contact:Ms. Le To Quyen
Phone: +84(0)903004596


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