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Program of Civil Engineering


Program code: 7580201

Duration:   4 years (8 semesters)

Commencing: 1st Semester 1: 15th Aug.

                         2nd Semester 2: 02nd Jan.

Total credits:   121 credits.



The training program is chosen and referred to the world's Top 100 universities’ programs and the professional program is characterized by good background knowledge, in-depth specialized instruction, and great social skills. The training program aims to train students for working effectively in the field of design, construction, construction estimation and monitoring construction activities. After graduated, students also have ability to self-study for updating knowledge and technology in the construction field. They can also study at the higher level both in local and international environment to become a researcher or professional engineer in the future.


The outcome standards is described as follow:

Official informatics: international MOS 750 points;

Use AUTOCAD, SAP 2000 for working effectively;

English: IELTS 5.0

Knowledge and skills for working excellently as a senior Civil engineer after having a period of 3 years working experiments.


Careers and employability

The Department has been making a closed relationship which more than one hundred enterprises working in the field of Civil engineering. These relations help in providing enough space for students to do internship and getting very good jobs after graduation.

More than 98% of our recent graduates have successfully secured a professional or managerial role within one year of graduating.

Students will have the opportunity to take part in a number of internship  opportunities, study abroad or continue to study at the Department at higher levels.

Entry requirements: The applicants are required to pass the Entry examination. The applicant can choose one of two options: Maths, Physics, and Chemistry; or Maths, Physics, and English.


Program structure

1.General education: 31 (credits)

Natural sciences:12

Foreign language (English):15


2.Professional education: 90  (credits)

Basic knowledge:35

Professional knowledge:43

Internship and Thesis:11

Total:121 (credits)


List of program